10 Websites for Your Web Design Inspiration

Assuming you’re a web designer like me, I am going to assume you have sat at your desk for hours and hours trying to come up with a great design for that company who told you they want an amazing new design for the website. Some of the words they might have mentioned: hot, new, modern, sexy, beautiful, clean, simple, dark, light, grunge… What even is a sexy web design? So they gave you all these words that they want the design to reflect. Now not every web designer is a super robot who can come up with a clean modern sexy design in a few minutes. No we are human. Our design workflow just doesn’t work like that. Sometimes we need some inspiration. Here are 10 sites I use when trying to get some inspiration.

  1. Dribbble

  2. deviantART

  3. Behance

  4. Unmatched Style

  5. Web Creme

  6. WebDesign Inspiration

  7. Web Design Inspiration

  8. Site Inspire

  9. Design Fridge

  10. Pinterest

Television Goes Online

When I was in sixth grade, having slumber parties with my best friends, I use to remember always making a trip to Blockbuster to pick out what movies my friends and I were going to watch that night. Today, my junior year in college, I make a trip to the living room to figure out which movie my friends and I can watch for the night. Thanks to my hdmi cord, big screen tv, surround sound, and websites like Netflix, I have my own movie theatre in my living room. 

Not that long ago, Netflix was a movie rental company that would mail you movies. Making it easier for me and saving my time, I instantly fell in love with Netflix. When Netflix started expanding their “Instant Queue”, I wanted to marry Netflix. It then spread to being able to use Netflix on your phones and game systems which attracted so many more people. Netflix not only has movies now, but also has many television series such as The Walking Dead, Gossip Girl, Family Guy, Breaking Bad and much more. I like this because I can miss a whole season that played on television, and can catch up on the season in one week if played on Netflix on the computer. What is happening more today is that if you missed a show on t.v., the individual episodes get posted on the channels website a few hours after the airing of the show. With this change in the way we view television shows, most people depend on watching their favorite shows online on the web.

Do you have Netflix? What do you like/dislike about it?

Thank you for your time! Enjoy! Want to know more about Entertainment? Check out my blog! 

Let’s just be friends

We are in a new era of the web. A time where we know we can’t do better, why not just become friends. Some new buzz is going around about the NEW MySpace which is building a new social site not trying to compete, but to work with other big name social websites like Facebook and LinkedIn. Unlike Twitter which aims to be its own niche, competing for Facebook’s users, the new MySpace doesn’t want to compete for Facebook’s users. Instead it wants to work with Facebook to provide content to work alongside Facebook.

After watching the new MySpace video preview, you might notice that there is a sign in with Facebook button as a sign in option. You might be wondering why in the world would MySpace, which used to be the original before Facebook slowly pushed it out of the way in becoming the leader in online social interaction, not want to try to compete for users in a new wave of tricks under their sleeve. In an ABC interview with MySpace’s CEO about the new site, he was asked if you could use other social networks to log onto the new site. Tim the CEO says both Facebook and Twitter can be used to login. He says Facebook is the big main social network that is “supposed to be there” and “There is no point to compete with Facebook or Twitter.”

Almost every new website that goes up includes a way to login using one of the two main social networks. It helps both with minimizing the accounts you must maintain, and making the signup process move much quicker. The newer social media sharing website Pinterest also using both Facebook and Twitter for signup and login. There is no need for them to try to compete with the big two networks, instead they have a niche in the social networking scene that they fit into perfectly while allowing users to connect and link to their other profiles. They work hand in hand.

Why fight over control, let’s all just be friends. Everyone wins.

jQuery makes your website feel like a website


We have all seen those websites that just feel like they just took a picture of their website and used it as a background. I mean you don’t even think you can click anything! Hovering over anything feels like a 1990 website rather than a 2012 website. That’s where jQuery comes in. It makes even the most simple website more interactive, in turn making the overall experience using the website more enjoyable. Think digital picture frame vs regular picture frame. I don’t think I have to explain that one.

jQuery is one of the easiest ways to make your website a little more interactive. jQuery is a easy to use JavaScript library that can be implemented in your website to help you make your website do just about anything.

Before jQuery, we had to write ugly plain JavaScript. Take this line of JavaScript which takes a element with id of box and changes it’s text color to white:


Now in jQuery it looks like this:


jQuery makes doing simple tasks (and hard tasks) much easier. The code not only is easy to learn and use, but it is beyond simple. if you want to add a class to an element, all you do is add .addClass('[class name]') to the element selector. Selecting elements by class and id is done by using $('#[class]') and $('#[id]') respectively.

Doing things once an element is clicked is just as easy. Below is a small script for when a div with id box is clicked, an alert saying “box clicked” will appear.

$('#box').click(function() {
    alert('box clicked');

Simple eh? That’s only the beginning. Grab a copy of jQuery at www.jquery.com and get started!